Another populating nested component question

I have a dynamic zone with four components. One of the components has a nested component with one field. I would like to populate the nested component.

Things I’ve tried:

Plus many other combinations. This is the data I’m getting back:

"formFields":[{"id":1,"__component":"form-group.text-input","name":"Abc","placeholder":"Subject here","minimumLength":1,"maximumLength":200,"subText":null},{"id":1,"__component":"form-group.paragraph-input","name":"message","placeholder":null,"minimumLength":1,"maximumLength":2000,"subText":null},{"id":1,"__component":"form-group.checkbox","name":"ABC"},{"id":2,"__component":"form-group.checkbox","name":"DEF"},{"id":1,"__component":"","name":"Select one"}]}}}

I’d like it to be

{"id":1,"__component":"","name":"Select one", "radios": [
  {name: <radio name 1>}
  {name: <radio name 2>}

Or anything that returns the names of the radio buttons. I’m also open to better ways to do this.

Thanks in advance!