Any easy way to execute `.sql` scripts locally?

Trying to copy / paste some data from my production CMS db → my local CMS db so I don’t have to fetch prod to get content.

I have a .sql file from my prod CMS db, how can I execute this so that it generates the tables / data I need locally?

Would it be easier to get a .db file from prod instead and point my database.js to that?

Please let me know what the easiest solution is! Thanks!!!

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You can get the dump of your prod .SQL to your local and connect to it. You can do this by using mysqldump.

On your local machine Mac.

  • Install mySQL using brew
  • login into mySQL using mysql -u root
  • Create a local database on your mySQL
  • Use your local database created using USE database_name
  • Source for the path where you have your local database using SOURCE inside your mySQL SOURCE /path/my_prod_database.sql
  • SHOW TABLES to be sure you have all
  • Connect to your database using your local config