Any idea how do I fetch external API and display it within the Strapi dashboard? #5925

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is anyone here have experience to fetch data from external api and display it within strapi admin?
and using all the functionality of content-manager to manage it (crud function)?
for example given this extenal api as an example

please assist

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lauriejim220d ago


Hello! Do you have the access of the database?
To create/update/delete data? Not only fetch.

Or you want to map the Strapi admin on an API instead of a database?
Not sure to exactly understand what you are trying to do.

dunods220d ago


well the use case are assuming that we are given external rest api that enable all create, update, and delete. and want to be able to access and edit that data respectively within strapi admin .
any thought ?

soupette219d ago


You can create a view in the content manager so here are some thoughts:

  1. First create a new <Route /> by extending this file
  2. Then if you want the link to appear in the left menu you should look at this one in order to inject a link in either the collection type or content type section

dunods212d ago


i dont think we can achieve that by doing so.

to make it simple, we are given this api
[GET ALL] localhost:3000/api/v1/product/
[GET BY ID] localhost:3000/api/v1/product/:id
[POST] localhost:3000/api/v1/product
[DELETE] localhost:3000/api/v1/product/:id

any clue/help ??

kyuumeitai220d ago

hey @dunods maybe you can do a lambda/openfaas function that writes that data into Strapi, no?

dunods220d ago


thats not what im trying to achieve, where the scenario are the strapi has its own database as a micro services and there are some other external api that we want to manage/manipulate within the strapi admin dashboard. yes we can trigger callback by creating lambda function to create object to strapi, but by doing so we will have lotsa data redundancy.

sawden155d ago

have you found a solution?

Josh-Uvi131d ago

@dunods @sawden hope it’s not too late, this is the solution I found External Data - Strapi Developer Documentation

lauriejim130d ago


And if you want to display stuff in your admin, you will have to customize your admin by creating a plugin (to have a new custom interface)

Hello, any solution for this. Even I have the same requirement for a project.