Any one noticing dev server is slower because of "Creating Admin" process?

Every time I run my dev server and this is particularly annoying when using debugger, strapi seems to do a pretty hefty rebuild.

Theres a step called “Creating Admin” which sometimes takes 24 seconds. And this happens everytime the dev server is restarted.

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Well that is the step that is building your admin panel.
Previously it was a loading bar. But you can still use the deprecated --no-build flag.

Yeah but why is it rebuilding when no files have changed? As if the diffing in the compiler cant tell it does not need to rebuild the admin panel.

--no-build flag has no effect, i must be on a version of strapi that has had the flag removed.

On which version are you running strapi and which command do you use to start Strapi?

npm run dev → strapi 4.20.5

No build is no longer a option

is the desision strapi made so yeey


It’s much much faster in Strapi 5 now with vite