Anyone with experience stitching Saleor and Strapi schemas?

System Information
  • Strapi Version: 3.1.0-alpha.5
  • Operating System: Mac OSX 12.3.1 Monteray
  • Node Version: v16.14.2
  • NPM Version: 8.10.0

I am struggling with this and wondered if anyone has any experience to help. I need to stitch Saleor ecommerce system to Strapi CMS. Saleor will only include an ID and title, then all product data comes from Strapi.

I can’t really find much info or examples online about stitching especially between Saleor and Strapi. I can only find the following two websites, but I am starting to think they may be for older versions of Strapi, because I just cant get it to work at the Strapi stage.

https : // blog .logrocket .com/ graphqlconf-2021-round-up/
Combining Headless Architectures with Saleor and Strapi – Blog – Saleor Commerce with the full code for this here GitHub - royderks/saleor-strapi-stitching

I get several errors depending on experimenting but mostly the same as this unanswered issue 1 on the above GitHub issues. The second point (sorry cant link to it as this forum only allows me to add 2 links).

I just think maybe the code is for older versions and I cant figure out how to get it work for the latest. If I download the GitHub example above and just enter my Saleor and Strapi URLs, I get the issues described above, so these examples just dont work.

I am wondering if this query is correct for Strapi’s latest version as it does not recognise title, description or saleorId when querying Saleor. Entering data { attributes {…} } does not working either.

query {
  # Query.product from Saleor
  product(id: "UHJvZHVjdDo3Mg==") {
    images {
    # Query.product from Strapi
    cmsMetaData {

The developer of the GitHub example has updated his code to work with 3rd party StepZen for the combined schema. I shall try that, although bit disappointed to have to use yet another 3rd party tool to build a website. It would be great to get this working locally without 3rd party.

Original GitHub code:

Discussion of the issue: