Api findOne with slug parameter (no id)

I found this video : Replace findOne per ID by slug | Strapi on strapi video library. It is cool nad it is just what I need and only problem that I have with it is that it refers to older version (I’m using v4.0.5).
Step with controller is pretty much the same. I’ve took controller/article.js and wrote something like this (I should say I’ve compie/paste it from documentation):

const { createCoreController } = require("@strapi/strapi").factories;

module.exports = createCoreController("api::article.article", ({ strapi }) => ({
  async findOne(ctx) {
    const { slug } = ctx.params;
    const { query } = ctx;

    const entity = await strapi
      .findOne(slug, query);
    const sanitizedEntity = await this.sanitizeOutput(entity, ctx);

    return this.transformResponse(sanitizedEntity);

Second step is to override rout to get not id, but slug. However I can’t find config/routes.json file. Instead there is routes/article.js and it looks like I should change something there. I find this article /developer-docs/latest/development/backend-customization/routes.html in documentation but it didn’t help me much.
So :slight_smile: I’m looking for help with this.

P.S. Last link is not user friendly becaus new users can add only two links in one post and I’m a new user :smiley:


Did you find the solution?

Hey there,

Not sure if you ever found a solution, but I found a video with instructions on how to do this for the latest version of Strapi. This worked for me!