API request for user gallery

Hi, I’m having trouble with strapi again. I’m attaching some photos to the user’s gallery. How can I call the API for the user’s gallery. http://localhost:1337/api/users/${user.id} gives me everything, but not the images array. I am new to using strapi. I am doing an RN appt. Can I help?

Maybe i didn’t explain correctly because this should be a simple solution.
I am developing a mobile application. Type of social network. Login is with strapi. I’m using the user collection types. All users see the photos in the gallery of other people’s profiles, but when I upload photos in the “photo” field in my profile , i can’t see my photos. I can’t extract all data from user model. I guess I need a specific request or something. As I already said, I’m a strapi beginner, I’m asking for some guidance.