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If data breaches can be devastating for companies, regardless of their size, imagine the impact on those individuals whose personal information was exposed. I checked Thesaurus.com and couldn’t find anything five times worse than the word “devastating.” It’s impossible to imagine how it feels unless you’ve gone through it yourself.

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Great post, thank you Tobi !

Thank you, Victor.

The first two paragraphs seem to plagiarize from an article in Forbes from March 2023 titled “Preventing Data Breaches In 2023: Why API Security Is Critical”, which you can find on Google.

The Strapi CORS configuration near the bottom of the article is completely wrong. The correct configuration format is at Middlewares | Strapi Documentation.

Thank you for bringing it up to our attention. We will look to update the article with new content.

I should of ran in through the plagiarize checker first. We will flag the creator for any future submissions.

Thank you for the observation. The first two paragraphs was from Forbes as you said, but this was included due to instruction from @dessire when she was working with strapi. I included the link but it was removed by the editor when they were reviewing the draft.
Thank you.