/api/upload endpoint returns 404 error

System Information
  • Strapi Version: 4.4.3
  • Operating System: MacOS Monterrey
  • Database: MySQL
  • Node Version: 14.19.1
  • NPM Version: 6.14.16
  • Yarn Version: 1.22.19

I’m building a plugin that uploads a CSV file and converts it into to JSON file.
I’d created the form and sent the form data to the endpoint “/api/upload” but the log returns 404 error.

const data = new FormData(e.target)
    await fetch("/api/upload", {
      method: 'post',
      body: data

Yes, I already set the upload public role to “select all”. But it continues returns the 404 error. Can anybody help me?

Thank you.

I have the same issue. Did you found solution?