Apply style on text area content?

Hello everyone !

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  • I would like to build a blog and I’m working with Strapi - ReactJS - Heroku - MongoDB

I just would like to know how to apply style like on the Strapi interface (bold text, italics, links, include images…)?

Because,(as expected) it is not applied on the frontend side. It is displaying boldtext, (imagelinkapi), ##h2Title

How can I get control on this ?

Thank you so much !

Not sure if you’re talking about changing the markdown editor to a WYSIWYG editor:

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I guess it is the best lead I have for now. Thank you, I’ll take a look :smiley:

Well I have not used this tutorial but thanks to @dannymatkovsky and his html plugin (found on HTML editor plugin), I solved my issue.

Once the plugin is installed, I had to parse my JSON object into html thanks to the html-react-parser package.

Thank you so much for the lead @jasonleow !

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