Auth Provider Redirection issue

I am experiencing a very unusual error while setting up provider authentication.
I am trying with Google and Facebook. The youtube video I referred was: Strapi Authentication Provider - Google - YouTube
the docs referred are :Roles & Permissions - Strapi Developer Documentation
Google worked fine initially and I gave {frontendURL}/connect/google/redirect for the frontend
The problem arises when I try to enable facebook authentication.
For facebook I have given {frontendURL}/connect/facebook/redirect
Now after I facebook is enabled when I tried to register using google it started to redirect on facebook URL with an error saying redirect uri missing
redirected to: {frontendURL}/connect/facebook/redirect?error%5Berror%5D%5Bmessage%5D=Mis[…]91&error%5Berror%5D%5Bfbtrace_id%5D=AtKvO52eyUqaNmwAugZqjzO