Authentication Providers Using Rest/GRAPHQL

Hello Team. I am developing a mobile application using Strapi as a backend. The only interaction with the databse is REST/GRAPHQL and I was wondering how I could implement signing in using the Providers like Google etc available in Strapi using either REST or Graphql

Hey there! Are you referring to users being able to log into your mobile app?

Hie @seemcat . Yes that is the use case I am reffering to

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Are you creating an Android or iOS mobile app?

I have a sample app where I created a membership website that implements passwordless authentication process with Magic and it’s written in Next.js. (Note: The demo app I have won’t work completely cause I don’t have my Strapi backend running anymore.)

Magic also provides Client side SDKs for mobile too. If you’re interested in using Magic, lmk whether you’re using iOS or Android, I’ll try to help you out with your integration!

OR, if you want to stick with Google (assuming you’re working on Android), here’s a promising guide.

Thank you very much for the detailed response @seemcat. Much appreciated

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