Authentication with strapi

Hi, please I need help regarding this. I’m using strapi to build API for my frontend application (REACT). I want to use Auth0 to handle the authentication.

  1. Do i implement this on the frontend or backend (Auth0) ?
  2. I don’t seem to find Auth0 as a provider on strapi

Please how do i go about this?

Hi ther Yaukubu!

I know I’m a little late, but I’d love to help if you still need it. From @DMehaffy’s answer here, it sounds like it’s only for the frontend.

Usually, to use a 3rd party provider on Strapi, you’ll first need to install it.

I used Magic to handle authentication in my Strapi project. I needed to find the NPM module for it, and then install it for it show on my Strapi Admin panel. Here’s a tutorial on how: Installation Guide for Strapi Plugin Magic

I tried to look for an official documentation on how to use Auth0 with Strapi, but couldn’t find it. I also tried applying a similar process that Alex the Entreprenerd applied to installing Magic, but it didn’t seem to work with the Auth0 x Strapi NPM package I found.

I ended up emailing Quentin Dauprat (the person who added the feature to Strapi) to see if there’s another Auth0 NPM plugin we should know about. :grinning:

Will keep you updated!

UPDATE: I found that you don’t actually need to install NPM for Auth0. You’d be able to find Auth0 in Settings > User & Permissions Plugin > Providers. Here’s their docs on how to get started with a plugin.

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Hey @Yakubu_Aminat & @seemcat,

I wanted to add that there is PR to update the docs on how to configure Auth0 as a provider, checkout this PR:


Whoah! This is awesome. Thank you.