Backend alternatives for productions vs best price

Hi, I am relatively new to backend. I create a website(works well locally). I want to deploy the backend for then deploy the front end. I read that mlab is going to be discontinued to Mongo DB, so what is the best/cheapeast option to deploy a strapi website live in production? Is using Mongodb and CLoudinary for the pics or there is any better solution?
Strapi has been developed so fast that is difficult to keep up with the right tutorials :grinning:
Any help would be appreciated, because I really would like to put this website live in production but not really sure which road I should take.
Thank you

Much of the suggestions for deployment is subjective to the user and user-case. Generally I personally suggest a VPS (AWS, GCloud, DigitalOcean, Vultr, Linode, ect) using a managed database by that provider (PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB) and whatever upload provider suites your needs (probably best to pick one on the same platform as you are hosting on, where possible).

Heroku and PaaS options can work, but generally do not provide enough resources to run a solid application without heavy scaling and load balancing (or the costs are just crazy high for very little benefit).

If you are using a lot of relations, then I don’t generally suggest MongoDB.