beforeFind/afterFind lifecycle hooks will not be triggered from Admin UI

System Information
  • Strapi Version: 3.6.5

I need a tool to manage applications data from different sources / microservices.
Strapi offers a great user interface and I would like to use it for that.
I want to use lifecycle hooks to load data from another API instead of the database.
It sounds good and possible in the documentation where you can read: “They will get triggered automatically when you manage your content in the Admin Panel …”

But this is not the case. Yes the “beforeFindOne” hook for example will get triggered. But not the “beforeFind” hook. This hook will only get triggered if you make a REST or GraphQL call.

Looks like a bug or what is the problem?

having the same issue! I would love to build a functionality, that searches in a 3rd party system when entering data in a field in Strapi. This is currently not possible unfortunately.