Best way to send a Twilio text & ReCaptcha on Form Submission

I have a collection called ContactForms and whenever a contact form is filled out it will create. My frontend code looks like this (using Nuxt)

      this.$strapi.create('contact-forms', {
        Number: this.number,
        Bedrooms: this.bedrooms === '' ? 'Not Provided' : this.bedrooms,
        Sqft: this.sqft === '' ? 'Not Provided' : this.sqft

Basically what I want to do is add Recaptcha to this form and if the captcha passes then it will create a record in the database.

When its being added to the database I also want to be able to send a text using the Twilio API but only if they pass the captcha.

I’m looking at the documentation and for the Recaptcha I think I would use a controller however for the Twilio would I also put that logic in the controller or is there a better way.

I understand how to implement Recaptcha and Twilio within node however I’m not sure which strapi feature I would use to best accomplish this.