Better UI when managing users and their content

Hey everyone,

I’m creating an app with user generated content. Let’s say like Airbnb, where there are authenticated users who can create multiple listings, write reviews and message each other etc.

What I’m having trouble getting my head around is how a site moderator can easily manage these users and their content, in a single view, at scale. From what I can see, you can view users on their own, content (listings etc) on their own, everything on its own…

Can someone point me to, or share examples of good design using Strapi with regards to managing users and their content?

I’m looking for something that would be similar to:
As an admin, find the user > click on the user > see a list of all their listings, then be able to mange them like suspending the listing, editing it, removing a review etc. + modify their account etc.

As an admin, if I’m servicing a customer I don’t want to have to click around to every single content type individually vs 1 single view for that customer. (if that makes sense)

I’m guessing this is something I would have to heavily customise myself, but if anyone could share existing examples or way’s they have done this in Strapi that would be great!

Appreciate the help!

You most likely would have to make a custom frontend for this you can do this in strapi trough a plugin or you can use a strapi api token and make a secondary website to do that.

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