$between for dates in entity service API

I am attempting to filter content pieces that are between 3 and 30 days old and then change their related category. I am doing this via cron jobs so that it can happen every day at midnight. However, even though I have content pieces that fit this category, none are being retrieved and updated. Does the $between filter work with dates? Or only integers? Please see associated code below.

"0 0 * * *": async ({strapi}) => {
        let threeDaysAgo = new Date();
        let twentyNineDaysAgo = new Date() ;
        threeDaysAgo.setDate(threeDaysAgo.getDate() - 3);
        twentyNineDaysAgo.setDate(twentyNineDaysAgo.getDate() - 29);
        console.log(threeDaysAgo, "Three days ago")
        console.log(twentyNineDaysAgo, "Twenty Nine days ago");
        const oldJobs = await strapi.entityService.findMany("api::job.job", {
           filters: {
            createdAt: {
                $between: [threeDaysAgo.toISOString(), twentyNineDaysAgo.toISOString()],

        console.log(oldJobs, "Old Jobs")

        for (let job of oldJobs){
            await strapi.entityService.update("api::job.job",job.id, {

Just had to flip the dates in the $between filter. Spent wayy to long on this thing