Big bug for 4.14.0 ,lose all configuration in user-permission!

Time │ Thu Nov 02 2023 20:11:20 GMT-0700
│ Launched in │ 784 ms │
│ Environment │ development │
│ Process PID │ 93856 │
│ Version │ 4.14.0 (node v18.18.0) │
│ Edition │ Community │
│ Database │ sqlite

I have a login component. I change nothing but this morning I find ‘401 error’ ,saying credential always wrong. I spent 2 hours to find why. I found all api configuration turn blank!! Then I set it again , within 5 mins , it is ok. But after I change other tiers permission. I went back, it turns blank again!!!
That’s horrible!

I have 3 role in user permissions. ‘public’,‘authenticated’,‘paid level’.

Also for ‘updateRole’ API, A huge mass!

I don’t find any update method for updateRole from official document.
I use postman , carry my Bear jwtToken, and JSON body


to http://localhost:1337/api/users-permissions/roles/3

//the answer is true
	"ok": true

it means user who id is 25 will be granted a role (id:3) , in my situation , role (id:3) is ‘paid level’ . But When I check from my panel. The user is still ‘authenticated (role id:2)’ ,not ‘paid level(role id:3)’.

I am really really confused by 4.14.0 upgrade. Everything doesn’t work now. :face_exhaling: :face_exhaling: :face_exhaling: :face_exhaling: