Blank page for content builder / media library

System Information
  • 4.0.7:
  • MacOS Big Sur 11.4:
  • postgres:
  • 14.15.4:
  • 8.4.0:
  • 1.22.17:

I’m not sure if I’ve done anything wrong, I haven’t done a lot yet and now the media library just opens to a blank page, as well as the content builder.

It gives me an error in the console for both -

main.f1fe5c7b.js:2 TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘allPermissions’)
at g (main.f1fe5c7b.js:2:1302915)
at li (main.f1fe5c7b.js:2:1132023)
at $u (main.f1fe5c7b.js:2:1184320)
at kl (main.f1fe5c7b.js:2:1171561)
at Pl (main.f1fe5c7b.js:2:1171489)
at jl (main.f1fe5c7b.js:2:1171352)
at xl (main.f1fe5c7b.js:2:1168318)
at main.f1fe5c7b.js:2:1117815
at t.unstable_runWithPriority (main.f1fe5c7b.js:2:1208620)
at Go (main.f1fe5c7b.js:2:1117592)

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