BrickJonas Blog - my first and best Strapi project

Hi everyone, Jonas here, and I really enjoy developing Strapi applications, so I thought this would be a good palce to share my first (and so far the best) Strapi project, BrickJonas Blog! It’s a LEGO themed blog, and I started working on it back in September 2019. It’s basically my passion project, and I learned a lot while building it. My friend suggested me to use Strapi, because this isn’t just a simple blog and I’m also planning to extend its functionality in the future, so I think Strapi was an excellent choice! Oh, and I used Nuxt for the frontend. :wink: I upgraded to the latest Strapi version earlier today, and finally managed to add a proper scheduling function thanks to that!

I wish all the best for fellow developers, and I can’t wait to see the exciting new features in future Strapi versions! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for sharing your experience KovJonas.
I like Strapi too, and for me reading your feedback is quite motivational!

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I’m glad to hear that! Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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