Bring up customised GUI through hooks

Hello i want to know if there is a possibility to bring up a customised GUI when (create, update) some collection data, like a little step wizard with some options, and according the selections of those options, show some fields to complete!.

The main reason is because i need the user to be able to select an option and if he proceeds, let him introduce some data that there is no need to store it, but i use it to generate other data that it is stored.

Thank you.

+1, I’m interested in that too, if this is possible to achieve somehow.

Can you provide a bit more complex example as I’m not sure I fully understand the concept.

Yes, lets say i have my collection type “Articles” and i want to give the possibility to the user to generate some geoData (optionally) related with an article, so at the time of creating an article the idea is to bring up a step wizard, asking, do you want to add geoData? yes/no, if yes the next step is to add country and postal code, and the next step will create the article and geoData in its corresponding collection. If answer is no, will create only the article.

country and postal code, are information only used to generate de geoData, but there is no need to store it in any collection.

@DMehaffy Here is my explanation, let me know if it is enough or you need something more!

Thank you!

:thinking: I don’t think we quite have the proper implementation of our plugin API yet to inject additional options into the Content-type manager plugin, so adding something like this would require heavy customization of the strapi/packages/strapi-plugin-content-manager at master · strapi/strapi · GitHub

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