BUG: Strapi is down after changes in the content type

Hello, Strapi Community,

I am facing a critical challenge with Strapi where there seems to be no built-in validation to prevent the assignment of duplicate IDs to content components. This lack of validation has led to server downtime, which is quite surprising and challenging to manage, especially for complex projects.

Manually keeping track of ID uniqueness is not feasible for my use case, given the scale of content managed within our Strapi application. The risk of accidentally introducing duplicate IDs without immediate feedback or validation from the system poses a significant reliability concern.

I have not yet implemented any workarounds for this issue and am reaching out to the community for guidance:

Has anyone encountered similar challenges with duplicate IDs in Strapi causing that server is crashing?
-Are there recommended practices or temporary solutions to mitigate this risk until a more permanent fix is introduced?
-Does anyone know if there are plans to address this validation concern in an upcoming Strapi release, possibly in Strapi v5?

I appreciate any insights, experiences, or advice you could share on managing this issue more effectively. Ensuring the stability and reliability of our content management system is a top priority, and I believe addressing this validation gap is crucial for that goal.

Thank you in advance for your support and suggestions.

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To help us to help you more

  • can you share the server log with the error you are getting
  • are you running Strapi in dev mode on the server?
  • did you update your schema files manually or did you make the changes vis Strapi admin?

im running strapi on a server, i did changes via Strapi admin, its always when the name of some components are same, than its breaking, my admin have to roll back the changes and its working again.

<@1165244568216813598> can you confirm if you are running Strapi in production or development on your deployed server. You should not be able to update components names in production environment, and is considered bad practice. The proper way is to make the changes in local dec and redeploy with the changes.

this was done in dev env. Can you point to any documentation how to work with different envirements and what is the best practice for the deployment proces?

Here is the FAQ that shows the basic flow FAQ | Strapi Documentation