Building a Photo Sharing App with Nuxt 3, GraphQL, Cloudinary, Postgres and Strapi

A headless CMS is a great tool for building modern applications. Unlike a traditional monolithic CMS like WordPress and Drupal, a headless CMS allows developers to connect their content to any frontend architecture of their choice, allowing for more flexibility, functionality and performance.

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Hi, as a Nuxt & Strapi user, thanks for posting! Quick question: why not be using Nuxt’s Strapi module?

Hey there :wave:t5:

I decided to go ahead using the Fetch API instead of the Nuxt Strapi module for flexibility in my queries and mutations.
Plus I didn’t look into it but I’m not sure if the module supports GraphQL. Do you know if it does?

The plugin is not working, on v4.19.0,
if i install when accessing Settings => Plugin Comments => it says permissions is undefined