Building a Product Information Manager with Strapi

To have a successful e-commerce strategy, you need to publish your products on different platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Shopify to make your products available in a wider market. One of the biggest challenges of this strategy is you don't have a single source of truth for your products, and when you have a high number of products, it becomes really hard to manage one product and its attributes on multiple platforms.

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The product can have more than one size and color. How would you go about adding a field with multiple entries.

For example, a t-shirt size can have many sizes like: xs, s, med, lg, xl, …

Enumeration allows for one field to be picked from.

I haven’t explored this idea yet, but I was thinking of using enums too, but it might not be the best solution. This maybe I good candidate to create a custom field. Also, you can just have a relation to colors, sizes or any other options that people can choose.

The way I made this possible is using json data type. As an example, for tshirt_sizes of json type name, I or the author manually adds the following code.


  "data": [