Building a Pseudo Multi-Tenant App in Strapi: Step-by-Step

In Strapi, a multitenant approach refers to the ability of the system to serve multiple tenants or customers, each with its own isolated and independent set of resources such as content, users, and permissions. It allows you to create multiple application instances using a single codebase. In this way, all clients have a separate database, theming, and separate domain for each Strapi instance. The advantage of running multitenant is you can roll out the new feature easily to all clients easily and it involves low maintenance with a scalable solution.

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And how you you start strapi with run time option from where to load the config files? I tried this approach and if you pass all the env config for running individual instances of strapi it works but still loads the same config from /config. In fact if i make subfolders for site1, site2, … strapi does not start at all

I am also curious if anyone has had success with this approach currently getting:

ValidationError: contentTypes must be a `array` type, but the final value was: `null

the steps is correct, but there are one step is missing.
Do not forget to build the project

NODE_ENV=site1 yarn build
NODE_ENV=site2 yarn build