Bulk Publish - Beta

Hello community!

Following the bulk publish alpha release 2 weeks ago, we worked on the Bulk Publish beta. I’m glad to share that we have released today this beta version of the Bulk Publish feature.

You can try it out with: npx create-strapi-app@4.11.0-beta.0 my-app --quickstart

As a reminder, this feature allows you to select multiple pieces of content in your Strapi app and publish or unpublish them all at once rather than publishing or unpublishing them one by one.

Please share your feedback with us! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Waiting for this for a long time !
Unfortunately it seems to not fire the Algolia publish hook from Matthie plugin :-/

Thanks for the heads up. I do see it in 4.11.1 stable version in prod but strangely not in my local environment. Do you know why?