Camel Case to Snake Case

System Information
  • Strapi Version:
  • Operating System:
  • Database:
  • Node Version:
  • NPM Version:
  • Yarn Version:

Strapi Info
“dependencies”: {
@strapi/plugin-documentation”: “^4.13.4”,
@strapi/plugin-i18n”: “4.13.4”,
@strapi/plugin-users-permissions”: “4.13.4”,
@strapi/strapi”: “4.13.4”,
“better-sqlite3”: “8.5.0”,
“pg”: “^8.11.3”,
“sharp”: “^0.32.5”

As I read from docs, strapi v4 uses snake_case, but my api response creates createdAt, updatedAt, publisedAt with camel case.

my database is postgress

Is there anyway to convert to snake_case likes created_at, updated_at.

Thanks in advance,

There is no way to change that without modifying strapi itself

Custom Controller

it could change it for the frontend but not in the db