Can I customize Reset Password email in two languages Fr / En?

Currently I have setup strapi Email Templates for Reset Password and Email Confirmation. My website users are both in French and English. Based on the preferred language of the user (set in the strapi db) I want to send the email template in that language. Is there any way to achieve this in strapi? Or using any plugin with strapi?



@DMehaffy if you can answer this please :slightly_smiling_face:

Currently I don’t believe so :thinking: at least not without major customization to those controllers/routes that control that.

@sam-pires might be good to add as a feature request?

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What other options are there? How do other international customers who want to support a user experience in two languages manage this?

I don’t believe I’ve actually seen the password reset question come up for multi-language yet (until now)

Just wanted to share that I have achieved this by overriding the default controllers provided by node_modules\strapi-plugin-users-permissions\controllers\Auth.js.

I copied the file to extensions\users-permissions\controllers\Auth.js. Within each controller (forgotPassword, register, sendEmailConfirmation) I fetched the Employee (my collection in strapi) using email and check the employee’s preferred language. Based on that I send the customized email content (En or Fr).

Thank you team for your response!

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Nice ! I just wanted to share that I have the same requirement and currently I am doing something very similar to what you described @sheikhahsan I believe that would be a nice feature to add in the future

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