Can I disable internationalization for Relations?

System Information
  • 3.6.8:
  • Windows 10, WSL2:
  • Postgres:
  • 14.18.0:
  • N/A:
  • 1.22.15:

With the internationalization plugin installed, I don’t seem to be able to disable internationalization for relation-type fields. For example, if I have a menu that has a one-to-many relation pointing to menu items, I have to add the menu items for each locale! I can’t see the checkbox “Enable localization for this field” in the relation’s Advanced settings and so I assume it isn’t possible to disable it.

If I’m seeing the intended behaviour then this is a very odd design choice. I can think of cases where having different set of “child” entities in different locales makes sense, but I would argue that more often than not one wants to keep the same structure and for that structure be able to query translated content.

Someone please help me understand if it works as intended or I’m seeing a bug that I should raise.


+1 must to have this ability but can’t find how

+1 It is very weird to have this type of field forced to be localized. Is there any workaround we can apply? We have lots of relations that we don’t want to re-apply for each language.


PS: I’m using v4 btw. I’ve also found a tracking issue about this here:

I warned about this problem in another topic, I was hoping this problem would be fixed, but NO!

Time to move to a better alternative.


Suffering a lot from this, relationship and multi-language is a real hell in Strapi.


I could handle it cause my models are not that much and not that big, but I think for the big projects it will be a hell!