Can I just use strapi as a main big database?

I am thinking of using strapi as the only database for my application. I am going to update about 2000 product prices every 30 minutes.

After a month the data may be very large. Is strapi suitable for this type of application?

It could be yes, while we don’t “advertise” Strapi as an API Framework, it could be used for this purpose.

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thx, but

Just is it a good use? I mean in what inferior can this solution be instead of mongodb, dynamodb or elasticsearch?

Well, the strapi is not a database or storage. It actually helps you to manage a database.

As a short answer: yes.

I use it to update 100k products for my shops every hour. So there are no issues with performance.

But if you are planning to use relations, I would recommend using MySQL database and avoid MongoDB.

MongoDB will cause performance issues when you have a lot of entities with relations.

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I’m basically new to this topic although I’ve seen quite a few projects on different databases from dynamodp, postgres, sql etc. And I do not know what will be easiest for me. In fact, I do not know what is a lot of relationships. Every day I add different products with price which I monitor every 30 minutes. In addition to this, for each product I can match the appropriate category depending on the keyword. And that is it. Are these relations ? Every day all products are archived in categories and tags to create a solid database with data and later statistics. Thanks for your help

Yes, that structure should be built with relations. Products - Categories. Products - Tags.