Can I make a CMS support marketplace with Strapi?

I’m planning to make an app with a marketplace concept, imagine I have a groceries app and each grocery owner can add his products list (images - price - etc…) and just he can see his products and his orders no other feature or data just his own data under his grocery.
is it possible with Strapi?

Of course it is possible.

A few basic tips how to do it:

  1. Create Merchant content type.
  2. Create Products content type with relation to the merchant.
  3. Create Orders content type with relation to product and merchant.
  4. Create isOwner policy
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@sunnyson Kindly elaborate on isOwner policy. I have a similar issue.

Everything is already explained in documentation:

@Nureddin_Bedevi did you manage to implement this? I went through the documentation like @sunnyson mentioned but I could not get the hang of it…

That guide doesn’t quite follow what I would recommend, I suggest actually handling it via policies and not custom controllers. This is a pretty old example, and I would not recommend handling it the way I did in one massive policy (plus the code is just bad) but it gives you a rough idea on what a policy can do.