Can not create entry or content type, (Read Only panel, user version)

System Information
  • Strapi Version:
  • **Heroku / local Ubuntu **:
  • ** postgresql-concentric-26779**:
  • ** 18.18**:
  • 9.8:
  • Yarn Version:

New to strapi, finish instalation. in a Heroku account-
working no error message.
Create new entry button not available. ´+
it seems User has only read permissions
User Role is SuperUser for administrative panel
same thing in local build.
but in local i do have permission to create Content type, (single type, user etc)

it is conected to the DB or else it would not load, but I have no DB settings in the admin panel,

thanks for any hint, help

you need to run strapi in develop mode aka.

yarn develop or npm run develop