Can not query the Enumeration actual value if the value prefix is underscore

Required System information

  • Node.js version: 18.16.0
  • NPM version: 9.5.1
  • Strapi version: 4.14.3
  • Database: postgres
  • Operating system: macOS 13.4.1
  • Is your project Javascript or Typescript: Typescript

Describe the bug

If I create a Enumeration which has the value with underscore, such as _blank (as the picture below), when I try to get the value with graphql, it only return the value without underscore “blank”, but if I get the value via RestApi, it can return the value with underscore “_blank”, is there any configuration to retrieve the actual value for graphql?

Steps to reproduce the behavior

  1. Create a Enumeration with value “_blank”
  2. Retrieve the entity by graphql
  3. The returned value is “blank”

Expected behavior

Return the actual value “_blank”