Can we run strapi on a local domain instead of localhost?


Using MAMP back in the days I had the option to create a new domain for each WP install I had like so:

This was very convenient as I could create a memorisable domain and have chrome save my passwords for each wordpress install because there are on different domains.

With strapi now, I have about two dozen instances/projects and they all run on localhost:1337 which is the default. I now tried to run one on localhost:1338 which worked great as well by changing the PORT env var to 1338.

However, just changing port numbers in not really memorisable to me. What I want is the MAMP way from back in the days. I tried to change the HOST env var to http://testdomain.test but that gave me a Error: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND http://testdomain.test error.

How can I achieve this and how do you guys tackle this use-case I explained working with dozens of Strapi projects locally?