Can you add youtube or vimeo video to asset by adding url?

I don’t think that is possible… but someone in my team said that it was working before and is not working now. I am a bit confused about this? Was there ever a functionality which added youtube/vimeo video to asset from adding the url?

There was an option to add media via a URL but we had to temporarily remove it in the latest version as there was a small abuse risk for authenticated users.

We do plan to add this back soon but the risk made us lean towards removal for the moment.

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@DMehaffy has this option been added back ? I am trying to upload a video from vimeo but it is giving me an error bad request.


Hello, any news about an embed option in the rich text fields? it will be a really nice option.


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@DMehaffy Hello , any news about this option?
(add media via a URL) Thanks for your attention. I’m looking forward to your reply.

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@DMehaffy Any news on option to embed Youtube videos in the content editor?

No, not at this time. It largely revolves around if/when we decided to change our default WYSIWYG editor. In the meaning there are alternative editor plugins you can install and some of them do have youtube support but for now nothing to share from the core team about it.

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Which of the WYSIWYG editors would you recommend for a React Native Expo project, if that makes a difference? Found Strapi guides for CKEditor and Quill but sure which is a better option.

More importantly, will the new editor still work with the Cloudinary image CDN plugin - I’ve already set this up and works great with the default editor?

I don’t think the editor is a choice made by your frontend, it’s a choice made by which methods you choose to use. If you use a markdown editor then you probably need a markdown to HTML conversion library.

If you use an object based editor then you will need that editors native client to convert to html

Or you can choose an HTML editor, but generally storing raw HTML in the database is frowned on, especially from a headless CMS perspective since the formatting may not fit for multiple “heads” like web, mobile, ect.

So, can’t we add youtube videos by adding a URL? I am getting a network error message on Strapi version 4.1.9

Hello everyone. Has this issue been resolved in new strapi versions?

I’m actually looking for the same information myself. As far as I know, adding a YouTube or Vimeo video directly to an asset by adding the URL is not a built-in functionality. However, it’s possible that there were some workarounds or plugins available in the past that allowed for this. I’ll keep digging to see if there have been any recent developments on this front. By the way, I recently stumbled upon some interesting info on how to buy instant YouTube subscribers, which might be worth exploring if you’re looking to boost your channel’s reach.