Can you map fields between components / content types?

For example, if I have a ‘Page’ collection, and a ‘Product’ collection, and a ‘Team’ collection or any other Collection.

I am aware I can create relations within a Page to include one or more Products, or one or more Team members, or both.

Lets say I also have a component ‘Card’, which is simply a small set of information designed to be rendered on the front end as a card (ie, an image, a caption, a link and maybe a small note).

Is there a method within Strapi to add a repeating Card component to a Page, and have the fields in the Card pull in values from fields in an associated Team or Product?

Eg, if the Card has an ‘image’ property, have it populated by either the Team ‘pfp’ property or the Product ‘productImage’ property, and have the Card ‘caption’ property come from the ‘name’ property in either Team or Product, and have the Card ‘note’ property pull from the Team ‘email’ field or the Product ‘price’ field?

The goal here is for the front end page renderer to not have to make decisions on mapping content types to cards, and have that power rest with the content designer, without having to enter the same data and synchronise in multiple areas.