Cannot enter development admin panel after reinstalling strapi (+ data & permissions are lost)


I have a problem and this is happening on second project in row.
I make a new Strapi project --quickstart, populate and code it and everything is fine.

But lets say i clone this project off github or create a new one and then start the old one again, i can not access my admin panel. When i type the super admin username / password that i used to connect to it, keeps saying “invalid credientials”.
Also i am noticing my user permissions and data is also erased by trying to ping the API endpoints from Postman and get 403 - forbidden.

Also /admin/auth/register-admin /auth/login is redirecting me to /login

Note that i do still have the correct schema in my codebase.

Any ideas how to enter my backend? Is there some command to create a super admin from the CLI and then use it to enter the backend?
Also, why is this happening? Where is the previous data during development (sqlite) being saved?

Would appreciate some guidance, thanks

EDIT; when i do try to change the password with the command
npm run strapi admin:reset-user-password --password=NewPassword
i get => user not found

The database is not part of the repository. When you clone the project on a different machine, you get the code, the models, the configuration, the logic, but not the actual data. This is intended.

The sqlite db that Strapi uses by default is stored in a file that sits in a folder within your repository (can’t remember the exact name, I’m on my phone right now). But that folder is listed in the .gitignore file. Again, this is intended.

If you want to transfer data between different environments, you can copy the sqlite db file manually or do an sql export/import process.

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Thanks for the clear up