Cannot register admin after initial build - "You cannot register a new super admin"

System Information
  • Strapi 4.1.1:
  • Heroku postgresql:
  • Node 14.19.2:
  • NPM 8.9.0:
  • Yarn v1.22.18:

After successfully deploying my strapi server on heroku I navigate to the admin panel and am prompted to register an admin. After filling all boxes and pressing the ‘let’s start’ button, nothing visually occurs but there is a 400 response message “You cannot register a new super admin.” I don’t understand why I am receiving this error or how to fix it.

Yeah, I got same problem too. I deployed my app successfully on heroku but i cannot register as a super admin. Does anyone has a solution then share it

Hey, I think I found the solution for this. I think this happens because of cors config in the middlewares.js file. If you are using some sort of cors then remove it and make it look like this ( strapi::cors ) or simply change origin to origin:"*" - this will allow all URLs.

middlewares.js file

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