Can't override strapi user-permissions plugin


tried to override the strapi-users-permissions in my local, but i after run the yarn develop, the route is not ovewritten

Hi @luishk807

There are two issues I see here:

  1. Your extensions to the routes.json needs to include the entire routes.json from the plugin found here: strapi/routes.json at master · strapi/strapi · GitHub including your custom route

  2. The request you are highlighting in your logs doesn’t use the controller you are creating, it only applies if you were to call the REST method: PUT localhost:1337/users/someID. The Admin panel has it’s own internal API.

Can you please describe what you are trying to do? (I understand the REST route but not the log entry you pointed out)

HI @DMehaffy

thank you for your reply

i’m trying to edit a user in strapi using the new edit function but for some reason it still the default route instead of using the new edit ‘updateme’.

we wan’t to be able to use strapi to edit our own users data but also use our own password encryption

I tried including the entire routes.json including my own but that didn’t work

As mentioned previous the Admin panel has it’s own Internal API, you will need to extend the strapi-plugin-content-manager plugin to modify the logic for that.

Those routes and specifically the one you created, only apply the end-user REST endpoints.

Most likely here (note this function is for all models and all updates:

I see

thank you for your reply!, i’ll give it a try!