Can't read multipart/form-data from POST request

I’m trying to setup a webhook callback route.
The webhook source sends a request encoded as multipart/form-data to my endpoint.
I can receive the request but the body is empty.

The data being send consists of:

  • a text property called “id”
  • a pdf property of type “application/pdf” called “pdf”

I have configured the middlewares.ts with:

    name: "strapi::body",
    config: {
      multipart: true,
      includeUnparsed: true,

I’m trying to read the data in my custom controller like this:

console.log("body", ctx.request.body);
console.log("files", ctx.request.files);
console.log("unparsed", unparsed);

But the output is just:

body { [Symbol(unparsedBody)]: undefined }
files undefined
unparsed Symbol(unparsedBody)

I also tested with a callback url which is working fine. I get the file and the id.
What am I missing?

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The solution is a broken boundary definition.