Can't select non-default localized component for users

I have a localized component COMP and two languages setup. I can set that component on the user (users-permissions plugin, 1:n relation, a user has 0 or 1 COMP).

Now I created a COMP in the non-default language (no equivalent in the default language exists, only in the non-default language). When selecting COMP in the user, the created COMP is not shown in the dropdown, so I can’t select and set it on the user. I can only select COMP’s which are created in the default locale.

(The current workaround is to created a corresponding default locale component and assign the non-default localized component in the afterUpdate hook based on a locale field I have set on the user. But then I have an empty default localized component which really I don’t need.)

Is there anything I need to setup, so that I can select components created only in the non-default language for users?

Thanks in advance and regards

System Information
  • Strapi version:4.24.3