Can't send email confirmation

So, I am trying to make a POST request under /auth/send-email-confirmation in postman with the params email: "" and I get this error message "Email address is not verified. The following identities failed the check in region EU-CENTRAL-1: Administration Panel " What went wrong?

The EU-CENTRAL-1 suggests that you are using AWS and SES
Make sure you have setup SES correctly and verified and or changed the email that is the default email

You can also do this in the admin panel under http://localhost:1337/admin/settings/email

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Yup, I am using AWS SES, but I can send mails if I try to use /forgot-password, every email works but this doesn’t, but I will take a look. Thank you!

Are you sending them from the same email? The error is coming from SES not Strapi (Strapi just rethrows it)

I found the problem, it was a silly mistake, when I was sending the email I was sending it back to strapi, don’t ask me how, I was coping pasting some code from this forum and I didn’t pay attention. But I will leave this here for anyone who struggle with this error, your comment can help other people. Thank you!!!

Glad you found the problem :slight_smile:

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