Change input field direction to be RTL


Is there a way to change some models’ input field direction to be RTL?

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We automatically adjust this based on the language setting in the Admin panel (top right), can you confirm which Strapi version you are using?

I am using version 3.3.3. The thing is, I am trying to change the direction for text field models, not the entire layout. So assuming I have a restaurant model, how can I change the recipe and title fields to be RTL?

PS: out of curiosity, I tried to change the language to Arabic (RTL), and the layout direction still the same.

Ah I don’t think we support it at such a narrow scope yet. (And that’s odd as I just tested and it was working for me?)

Well, I don’t think supporting one of two directions is narrow scope. The same goes for an editor. I am using check5 and there are props for styling that include direction so I assumed there’s maybe the same for Strapi text component.

I attached a screenshot for Arabic and the layout has not changed for me.

سلام جلال جان نمیدونم این سوال رو کِی پرسیدی ولی اگه میخوای راست به چپ کنی باید بری استایل خود استرپی رو دستکاری کنی


He speaks Arabic, not Farsi Persian :slightly_smiling_face:

سلام . شما این کار رو انجام دادین ؟
میخواستم بدونم چطور میشه این دستکاری رو به شکل اصولی روی strapi انجام داد؟