Change the return collection

Is it possible to change the return of a collection list in the strapi’s admin?
I tried it on the model’s life circle, but it didn’t work, it only works for the api.
Is there any way to change it?
I am wanting to join with the remote config google api return.

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beforeFind and afterFind lifecycles are executed PER entry.
So if your model has not data in it, then these lifecycles are not executed.
I would recommend you to use some cron jobs to fetch these configs periodically and add them in to DB. But that depends on your use case and what you are planning to do with these configs.

I did by lifecycle, but that way just work calling by api, from the Admin doesn’t.
I want to join my configuration list in firebase’s remote config with the new configurations that come from Strapi’s Admin

Do you need to use these configurations inside strapi? Or you just want to be able to modify them from strapi?

Modify and show on Admin, if is possible.
Than I want to leave a single endpoint for the frontend to call.

I got it here, created a single type with a Repeatable component and used the life cycle.
With the single type it works.

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