Change value of input field on another field's blur event in Strapi

I’ve been struggling with the docs of strapi for this.

There’s a collection of articles. When creating an article, there are 2 fields i.e Start Date and End Date. Now when a value of Start Date changes and user is done selecting an event, I want to update the value of End Date 6 months from that.

Ofcourse the calculations of value are not a problem but I’m unable to find anything to update the value on blur event.

Right now, I’m using beforeCreate and beforeUpdate lifecycle hooks but all these hooks mentioned in strapi doc run when a user clicks Save button.

This might solve the case but this is not an ideal scenario for a user coming from Wordpress or any other custom CMS where this is easily doable

Is there someone who can answer this?

I’ve asked the same on Stackoverflow but no answer there either

Is that so complicated to do?