ChatGPT recommended strapi for doing a CMS notice box on a static site

Hello! My customer has a static html css Publii site and would like to be able to add a basic notification text box to the site with an expiration date. Management must be as simple as entering a login and password, receiving a graphical user interface with a topic, text, expiration date, and SAVE, and then logging out. Is this achievable with strapi? If yes, could you pls point me to relevant documentation.

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I think it would be overkill to have a whole strapi instance just for that. As well as the overhead for hosting it. But defined doable

Thank you. Other three ChatGPT’s recommendations were Ghost, Firebase and Wordpress. To which I feel like Ghost is not only overkill but also comes with maaany unnecessary features and paid subscrition. Firebase seems like a too much too. So maybe strapi or Wordpress. I just don’t understand how to pull only one plugin from wordpress and hook it somewhere in the static html site.