CKeditor5 is not replacing my default strapi editor

I Installed this CKeditor5 plugin to replace strapi’s default editor but it has not been replaced , and the pluging CKeditor 5 is shown in plugins page and I can add CK5editor field to the collections as a new field , but I want to replace current the rich text editors with CKeditor 5 how can I do this …

And help in advance

strapi v4.8.x

1 did you rebuild your admin 2 if that does not work you can try the other CKeditor plugin what is a custom field

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yeah I rebuild the admin , I tried other plugins but I need this one

If you rebuild the admin it should show someting at the minimum it should error

I don’t know it did not work , I had to replace every single rich text in my project at all it did not take long time