Cloud trial version problems

Two days ago, I tried to get started with the cloud trial version and ever since I am stuck and with the exception of adding blog entries. I.e. I can’t accomplish the simplest things.

I apologize in advance for dumping my questions here, but I’ve tried to get informations from forums and documentations, which did not work and I even tried to contact strapi support, but I haven’t found or gotten any answers.

This is just a small sample of problems I ran into:

  1. E.g. I’ve tried to enter Billing information, but the subscription option that’s being offerd to me is the developer version, which is not the version I want to continue with when the trial successfully ends. In case of continuing I want to use the professional subscription, but that’s not an option.

  2. I’ve tried to register a custom domain. I made the respective CNAME entries in the DNS.
    When I tried to add the host name in the strapi admin in the additional host names section the fields for adding a host name are not accessible, with the exception of the domain name. But entering the domain name doesn’t change anything, and I am wondering why I should enter the domain name anyway.

  3. There’s a hint for a seemingly available Upgrade of the admin panel in the Settings → Overview of the Strapi dashboard.
    But there is no way I can fire off any upgrade.

Maybe I am simply a total moron and have overlooked important stuff.

But the trial version is marked as the enterprise cloud version according to Strapi it should be managed software and ber working as is.

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1 - You don’t need to use the cloud version to build something if you’re just trailing it, just download and run the community version locally.
2 - Does Strapi Cloud support custom domains? : Support Portal
Project settings | Strapi Documentation
Setting up custom domains is easy, follow the steps in the articles above.
3 - I think this is a known bug.


I can’t thank you enough for your answer.

1 - I have deliberately chosen the cloud trial version. If it works as far as my client’s requirements go, we want to stick to the cloud version.

2 - I actually could not find the part on DNS record entries for the strapi cloud. Maybe I have simply missed it. Thanks, honestly!

3 - Hence the cloud trial version. Most likely I wouldn’t have noticed this upgrade problem by running upgrades locally on my dev or any production machine.

I really need to know how much time can be saved by using the cloud subscriptions, if any time can be saved at all.