Cloudinary upload configuration help

I am attempting to configure Cloudinary as my upload provider for production however, I am receiving an error when uploading an image.

Error: “An internal server error occurred”

This is my provider config at ./config/plugins.js
I have my env variables set and the strapi-provider-upload-cloudinary installed.
node: 12.18.2
npm: 6.14.6
strapi: 3.2.4

module.exports = ({ env }) => {
  if (env("NODE_ENV") === "production") {
return {
  upload: {
    provider: 'cloudinary',
    providerOptions: {
      cloud_name: env('CLOUDINARY_NAME'),
      api_key: env('CLOUDINARY_KEY'),
      api_secret: env('CLOUDINARY_SECRET'),
  // ...

My feeling is that my configuration for Cloudinary is missing something however, I’m not able to figure out what. Any help is much appreciated

Can you please share logs for that error?

Here are the heroku logs. I have double-checked that my api key is configured correctly in my .env file. I’m not sure where to debug from here. Thanks for your help

I issue ended up being I did not set my env variables in Heroku. I only had the env vars set locally in my .env file :sweat_smile: